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  • MSPs Address Customer Security Complacency
    Every day we see new headlines about data breaches and the latest malware, but some still believe they are immune to attacks, which comes from the misconception that only enormous corporations are targeted by cyber-crime. Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking that reveals a troubling disconnect between what MSPs know is dangerous versus what customers think is safe. This form of complacency is a major issue, and it’s a challenge for end users and businesses. The following comments from Webroot CTO Hal Lonas highlight the challenge. Lonas notes, “What we’re seeing is that businesses don’t even know they’ve been targeted until it’s too late. They don’t imagine they would be the object of an attack. A good example is heal ... read more

  • Nine Common Hard Drive Failure Symptoms
    When you work for a data recovery lab like Gillware, you realize very quickly just how important your data is… and just how easily it can be lost. Gillware typically receives over two dozen failed hard drives every day. These hard drives come from inside desktop and laptop computers, external storage devices, and servers sent to us from clients all across the country. Spend a long enough time at Gillware and you also learn all about various hard drive failure symptoms—some of which you might actually get long enough in advance to save your hard drive a trip to our lab. Hard Drive Failure Symptoms [caption id="attachment_3053" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo by John Loo (Click Image For Source)[/caption] Hard drive failure ... read more

  • Phishing Scams are Stepping it Up
    These days, checking emails and browsing the web are so strongly ingrained in our daily lives that we often do them without a second thought. Like switching a light on when you enter a room or answering the telephone when it rings, we’re practically conditioned to open messages from colleagues and friends the moment our smart devices ding, or do a Google search when we need to answer a question. Along the same lines, people have also grown accustomed to ignoring more obvious phishing scams from amateurish crooks with more greed than talent. These emails are often peppered liberally with dead giveaways, such as misspelled words, not-quite-right grammar, and unlikely premises (e.g., the Nigerian prince who needs your help retrieving his ... read more