No matter if you are looking for someone to service your computer needs at home or you have a business and are in need of a professional to take care things there, the overall goal should be the same.

It’s important to make sure you are getting a qualified professional that is going to do the job right. Association members pledge to adhere to a higher standard, and value “you” as a customer.

Feel free to search through our worldwide database for free to find a professional. If for some reason you can not find one in your area please let us know and we will do whatever we can do make sure your needs are taken care of.


* Don’t open emails when you are not sure who they are from
* Don’t open attachments that come in emails unless you know the sender
* When you get popups on your computer saying “buy this” to fix a problem you can pretty much be sure that it is not safe to do
*Ask the person you hire to do a job if they are a member of the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners