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  • system-71228_640How IT Owners Can Boost Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    Often I talk to my business owner friends and ask them to tell me their best source of new prospects, nearly all of them offer the same answer: referrals from satisfied customers. I am really not shocked. Hundreds of questionnaires carried out by companies like VistaPrint, Nielsen along with others reveal as many as 70 % or more of customers say word-of-mouth recommendation is the main reason for their buying behaviors.When I opened my first store, word-of-mouth took months to do the job simply because our customers simply had the option of writing mail, calling people on the telephone, or speaking with their friends, face to face. At best my clients were only getting in touch with a few people a day so the message couldn't spread very ... read more

  • woman-163426_640 (1)Should you Clean a Virus Infection, or Wipe and Reload Everything?
    This is a question that is frequently asked by IT support technicians, and it generates strong opinions on both sides of the argument. Usually those discussions in online forums generate more heat than light, with a lot of “mine is bigger than yours” and “you’re just lazy” themes.To save you the suspense of reading to the end, I will give you the definitive answer to this question right now. It is never in your best interest, and rarely in the client’s best interest, for you to wipe and reload the system. Clear enough?This article is directed specifically at individuals and organizations that provide outsourced IT support to the SMB market. Most of the same considerations apply to in-house IT departments and to “do-it- ... read more

  • 2013 ACRBO Summit Completed
    The Association of Computer Repair Business Owners (ACRBO) was created in 2009. Originally the Association was the National Association of Computer Repair Business Owners. After a year we realized that we needed to extend membership throughout the world due to the overwhelming request we received from owners that lived outside the United States.The Association has over 4,800+ members residing in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, as well as many other countries.The Association of Computer Repair Business Owners is dedicated to promoting industry education and improving consumer relations with professionalism and integrity. The Association members have skill sets ranging from computer repair, network installati ... read more