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  • Cloud-ManagementFile Security in the Cloud
    Do you have clients who think that some of their data files are “too confidential” for storage in the cloud? Recent cyber-surveillance revelations have unsurprisingly left many businesses feeling jittery about whether storing sensitive data in the cloud is a good idea. A Wall Street Journal feature recently focused on a company that commented that they considered 60% of their data to be “too sensitive” for storage in the cloud. In this article, we discuss whether this is a realistic view. Of course, there are companies in many industries that do maintain genuinely sensitive data, such as credit card details and health records. Security breaches involving this kind of information can result in bad publicity and far worse. As ... read more

  • serviceAttn MSPs: Stop Selling Products
    If you’ve spent more than a couple of weeks in the IT industry, you’ve seen your fair share of new product announcements. Vendors release new offerings – or updates to current offerings – on a literally daily basis in this industry. It’s a big part of why the industry is so dynamic. But “dynamic” can be a challenging concept. On the one hand, dynamic can mean “fast-paced and exciting.” On the other hand, it can mean “getting left behind with obsolete things to sell at a discount.” This dichotomy can be illustrated through the concept of pricing for technology products. Based on more than three decades of research on pricing patterns for high tech products, a very clear trend can be seen: a product will be sold fo ... read more

  • FreshStartAd-300x250-PNGACRBO Interview With CyberSpa
    Watch the interview with Allen Shay from CyberSpa and find out more about the new FreshStart service. ... read more