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  • Blog 6You’re Fired – Knowing When to Call it Quits With Clients Part 2
    “You’re dead to me.” This is the signature snub Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary spouts when an entrepreneur turns down his offer. But just as the unfortunate few who hear that phrase stick to their guns and walk away, so must you also. Not every customer is a good one. The customer really isn’t always right, and it might be time to let some of your existing customers follow through on their threats to leave. Here are my remaining 3 tips to help you through the transition. If you missed the first 3, click here. Build the business that you want to own. Fix what’s wrong. You don’t want to scale the wrong model. It gets tougher to turn a larger ship. I heard on a Robin Robins CD a while back that if you are lying ... read more

  • interface abstract earthYou’re Fired – Knowing When To Call it Quits With Clients Part 1
    “You’re fired!” A phrase made famous by Donald Trump on the popular TV show The Apprentice, but also one of the more difficult tasks that a business owner has to perform. One of the popular mantras of today’s business world is effective company culture. How to build that perfect environment that allows all of your employees to work in a nirvana-like state of satisfaction is a question that many business owners wrestle with. I must ask you though, have you ever asked that question with the perspective turned outward towards your customers? As my partner and I have been growing our business over the last 11 years, there have been times, especially in the beginning, where we would take on clients who would turn into time-sucking ... read more

  • Blog 4As-A-Service: Adapting Your Sales Strategy
    You understand why transitioning to a managed services model is key to your company’s future. You’ve taken the first steps toward a successful switch. And you’re confident your cash flow can weather the change. Now, it’s time to take a long—and savvy—look at your sales strategy before your clients do. The fact is most business owners today know what technology can do to enhance their business. And although they may talk tech to a respectable degree, they’re most likely looking for a guide to handle all the details, so they can concentrate on running their company. If you want to be paid as that guide, it will require more than impressing them with the bells and whistles of your latest technology. You’ll have to sell ... read more