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  • computer_securityCryptoLocker Update
      In October of last year I wrote about what was then the newest and most widespread malware infecting computers worldwide, known as CryptoLocker. At the time I referred to it as “Game-Changing Malware.” You may read that blog post here: There have been quite a few developments along these lines since then, and this type of malware has become one of the most destructive threats of all time. Most of these developments have been of what we would have to consider a negative variety, but there is also a ray of good news thrown in for some victims of a CryptoLocker infection. First, here is a review of the evolution of encrypting ransomware over the past 10 months ... read more

  • business movingMaking the Move to Recurring Revenue
    The computer repair business has come a long way over the years and has had many changes. Though many IT business owners got into the business because they love the constant change of technology, it is these changes in the technology that has greatly impacted the way typical service and repair is being delivered and paid for. This transformation has ushered in with it a new era of IT companies embracing this service and delivery model, which has increased their revenues and created guaranteed future incomes, making their businesses more valuable, and less volatile. Break-Fix vs. Managed Service Often we hear about distinct lines being drawn in the sand about what type of business an IT company is. You are either a break-fix business, ... read more

  • Close-Up Of Toolbelt6 Tools To Automate Your IT Business
    You're in the IT Business. Whether you're operating a break/fix shop, providing managed services, or a hybrid of the two, the reality is that you've got a limited amount of time and a continuous stream of issues to resolve. People rely on you to for their livelihoods, and you need to find smarter ways to increase your efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. That's why we've compiled a list of 6 awesome resources for you to automate various aspects of your IT Business. Ninite: Easily install and update applications on a clients computer with no additional user input required. Last month we interviewed Patrick and Sascha from Ninite about their business. You can find the interview on our blog. RepairShopr: Our friends over at Repai ... read more