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  • ACRBO 300x300 ToolkitSync-And-Share: The Right Tool For The (Backup) Job?
    Using Sync-And-Share For Endpoint Backups? You May Be Creating More Problems Than You Are Solving. A Lot More! In today's workplace, mobility and BYOD are all the rage. Employees have grown to love the usefulness and convenience of their personal devices. They are demanding the same flexibility for their work. This trend combined with the collaborative nature of much modern work has given rise to another tool – sync and share. Enterprises have traditionally focused on protecting servers and network perimeters. But they have often ignored endpoint protection. A lot of endpoint users, eager to protect their data, resort to sync and share programs, thinking they will provide a useful and viable backup solution. They won't. And chances ... read more

  • lifecycleMarketing With The Customer Lifecycle
    In the private ACRBO facebook group a member writer writes: Curious of your approach on sales in this scenario. We want to go after a new vertical in the area for our MSP service. I have a list of 350 of them. I have names, addresses, direct emails to decision makers & phone numbers and etc. What would your approach be? Stop by in person, email them, postal letter, cold call them or etc? We already service several legal firms who are happy with our service and have given us testimonials to use, so I have that to lean on. Trying to decide on an avenue of approach. Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated. Of course my answer was: "Stop by in person, email them, postal letter, cold call them or etc?" The answer is yes! Jokes aside, ... read more

  • headshotThree Keys to Robust Web Protection: Prevention, Detection & Post-Breach Analysis
    The best defenses are like bulletproof glass, layered. This means that even if an attack makes it past one layer of defense, it will be stopped by another. Web Protection is one of those defenses where the layers form an armor that can shield a company from harm. As anyone who has dealt with the repercussions of a security breach will tell you, it pays to have as many layers of protection as possible. Web Protection provides you with three important layers that can help you ensure that you are keeping your customers’ networks and data completely secure. Layer 1 – PREVENTION Kill malicious threats before they even reach your systems As a conscienscous MSP, you most likely already have Antivirus and perhaps even Patch Mana ... read more