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  • datarecoveryHow to expand your computer repair business
    People working in computer repair often think that data recovery and general computer repair are completely different fields. It is assumed that computer repair is associated with the replacement of computer components, software installations, virus removal, and so on and that data recovery is a different story about expensive hardware and complex operations like hard drive head replacement. However, home users believe that once you call a computer repair specialist, this encompasses everything related to computers including data recovery. In this post, I will show that entry-level data recovery service can be and should be integrated into every computer repair business, providing additional income at minimal added expense, since: ... read more

  • ACRBO-BU-March15_helmetFloor it! Get your wheels in motion and accelerate your business
    Backing up large files, applications and databases has historically been a challenge. But, Chris Groot explains, MSPs with backup accelerator technology in their arsenal can shift business into another gear. Chances are your desk chair doesn’t come with a seat belt. Just do yourself a favor and hold on tight to the arm rests. Whiplash may result from merely reading what’s next. The 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder climbs from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.2 seconds, according to Car and Driver. That face-stretching acceleration time makes the Porsche 918 the fastest production car on the planet. Talk about leaving tread marks. Similarly, managed service providers (MSPs) can leave a lasting impression on customers that demand backup window ... read more

  • RM Blog Post imageQuick and painless: You don’t have to dread IT maintenance
    Handling upkeep that ensures your customers’ systems and machines run at peak performance isn’t the most exciting task on the to-do list. But you don’t need to dread it if you’re using an intuitive RM solution, writes Bjorn Bakker, MAXfocus Head of Product Marketing. Think about the things in your life that require preventative maintenance. Auto mechanics want you to service your car every 30,000 miles, if not more frequently. Your dentist wants to see you every six months for teeth cleanings. If you live in a place where palm trees are only seen on post cards, it’s a good idea to schedule regular furnace checks. In IT terms, preventative maintenance is no different. But, oh, how it can be disruptive if handled inefficiently ... read more