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  • Help Companies to Protect their Business
      You have probably heard all kind of horror stories about lost company data. This happens because some companies do not have a backup plan; and the ones that have a plan to revisit it, in the best of the cases, once a year. Most companies do not follow the simple  3,2,1 backup rule (read more). This is made worse considering some companies with backup plans still doing everything manually.   Essential questions any IT administrator must ask: Does the organisation have a business data recovery plan? When was it last tested? Does the plan account for the changes happening in your IT environment? Are you sure?   Here are some proactive steps to recommend to your client: Create a data reco ... read more

  • Going back to the basics, the 3,2,1 rule
    Technology is a crucial component in the day-to-day operations of every business. For many leaders, a disaster recovery plan is essential to ensure business continuity and data availability in the event of inevitable IT disasters such as hardware failures and cyber-attacks. Traditionally, at the heart of any disaster recovery plan is backup storage. By creating copies of a data backup, IT departments are able to add an extra layer of protection from a data disaster, deletion or corruption. There are multiple scenarios where critical data can easily be lost, and it’s your responsibility to protect against every eventuality. What can happen? The loss of information could happen for many reasons: Human error — data deleti ... read more

  • Building loyalty with the lonely IT Administrator
    For many IT Administrators, even those in large organisations, they are operating within a small, fragmented IT infrastructure. How do you address the challenges they face and meet their complex needs in backup and DR? Some history Up until recently, backup meant inserting an appropriately labelled tape in the backup tape drive and hoping that an incremental copy of the target machines is safely copied to the tape. DR involved sending one backup tape a month to an off-site location for secure storage. IT Administrators in both large and small enterprises became very familiar with this approach, and while the technology could be erratic, it provided a measure of reassurance that if the worst should happen there was a fallback optio ... read more