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  • Buying guide for Backup solutions
    Usually, end users are not aware of how important it is to do regular backups of their data until it's too late. All of us at some point in our lives have lost important information. Nowadays it is crucial to have a backup solution, but how do we choose a backup solution? First, it would help if you understood what you need. Then you can find the solution to solve the problem. Consider the following aspects:       How many computers? Personal or business use? If it for business use, how many workstations or servers do you need to backup? The volume of work you need to do defines the kind of tool you need.   Do you have multiple computers? Are they all connected to the same server? Are they physica ... read more

  • Choosing The Right Remote Support Software
    As a computer repair business owner, remote support is a crucial part of your business.  It’s not just phone support, but also remote control of a client’s computer.  Both on Mac or PC, you have dozens of choices for support, including those developed by Apple or Microsoft.  Picking the right one for your business is a serious commitment.     Keeping It Legal, Ethical and Secure Some computer repair business owners use remote control software in violation of the EULA (end-user license agreement).  Programs designed for personal use shouldn’t be used in a business. Your customers see those warnings as well and they won’t trust you as much. Or worse, they’ll ask you to violate a license agreement since you’v ... read more

  • Help Companies to Protect their Business
      You have probably heard all kind of horror stories about lost company data. This happens because some companies do not have a backup plan; and the ones that have a plan to revisit it, in the best of the cases, once a year. Most companies do not follow the simple  3,2,1 backup rule (read more). This is made worse considering some companies with backup plans still doing everything manually.   Essential questions any IT administrator must ask: Does the organisation have a business data recovery plan? When was it last tested? Does the plan account for the changes happening in your IT environment? Are you sure?   Here are some proactive steps to recommend to your client: Create a data reco ... read more