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  • The Psychology of Online Reviews
    Did you ever stop to think why customers write reviews? What factors trigger them to take the time to tell others what they think about a business, product, or service? These factors can be positive or negative, but there’s no getting past that fact that reviews are a vital part of any company’s online marketing strategy and can make a big impact on their bottom line. A full 93% of consumers say that online reviews impact their buying decisions. By studying the psychology of online reviews and which things encourage people write them, you can tailor your messaging to help your business garner more positive customer reviews which in turn will drive more sales. What Motivates People to Write a Review? People don’t have to giv ... read more

  • Top 12 Myths of Online Reviews… Busted!
    Are misconceptions about online reviews keeping you from fully utilizing this vital business sales tool? If you think “no one’s reading them anyway” or the risk of promoting reviews outweighs the benefits, you could be seriously hurting your company’s opportunities for growth. 90% of consumers check out online reviews before visiting a business, and 31% of them are likely to spend more money with a company that has “excellent” reviews. Reviews impact whether someone looking for a local computer repair shop passes yours by in an online search or chooses you over the others. Don’t be held back by a misconception. Here are some of the common myths that some people believe about online reviews, and what the facts really ... read more

  • The Importance of eLearning
    I need you to understand this about the story I’m about to tell: Jennifer was a GOOD employee. Everyone thought so.  Everyone thought she was good at her job – and really, she was.  What happened was not her fault.  And I guarantee it’s happening to many of your clients, right now. Years ago in my first IT service business I had an engineering firm as a client, and they had an office manager named Jennifer.  The office I supported was mostly engineers and architects, with two accounting people, and Jennifer. Jennifer answered the phones and handled the admin work, which meant she was the acknowledged Microsoft Office guru of the organization.  When engineers needed a client proposal typed up, they gave their notes to Jenni ... read more