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  • All you need to know about hard disk images
    What is disk image file Disk image is a file storing a full copy of a disk. It should be noted that an image file stores the full content of a disk, including the filesystem structure. In other words, the disk image is a usual disk having no the physical body. People working in computer repair business often deal with disk image files since it is much safer to create a disk images and work with them than to worry about client's data operating with the real disks. More than that, physically damaged hard disks have to be imaged without fail. Disk image vs disk clone Apart from disk image files, there are disk clones. Let's discuss what is the difference between these. The disk image is an exact copy of the disk stored as a file, while a ... read more

  • 300x300 ServiceDeskSix key reasons why MSPs need a Service Desk solution
    In order to achieve success, your business needs processes in place that support your growth and help you scale. For an MSP, the tool to assist here is a service desk application that is simple to use, automates systems and supports the key components that drive a business, such as customer service, communications, and efficiency. Six ways a service desk will help your business: Deliver Improved Service and Efficiency It is vitally important that you as an MSP communicate and deliver excellent customer service. A service desk product can help prioritize customer issues through a rule-based system that is set up between the MSP and the customer, the system notifies the user when an issue is being handled and all issues are trac ... read more

  • ACRBO 300x300 Backup HistoryA brief history of backup failure
    When it comes to defending your company data against the plethora of external threats the one thing you really can’t be without is a robust backup solution, warns Ian Trump. Accidents happen in real space and cyberspace. Sadly, when physical accidents, damage or theft occurs there is no “magic button” you can press to replace everything instantaneously. The closest thing we have is an insurance claim, and that can takes months. In cyberspace, however, things are very different. Here, there is a technology that allows everything vital to a business to be almost instantaneously replaced, when accidents, theft, or corruption (the electronic equivalent of damage) occur. Although the feeling of violation will not be magically und ... read more