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  • How to convince your customers that Backup software is needed
    What’s keeping your customers from protecting their data with a proper disaster recovery solution including taking regularly scheduled backups? As your customer’s key consultant, the ability to communicate the importance of backup, and also understanding potential objections will help you do best by your customer by convincing them to protect their data. This article intends to address typical barriers to customer’s choosing to perform backups.   Myth 1: I don't need a backup People rarely have an accurate idea of the value of their data. Their machines often contain years of work, photos and documents not stored anywhere else. At best they may occasionally (but unreliable)  make manual copies of important files on U ... read more

  • 5 Tips to Protect Your Data
    Out of fear of bad publicity, some companies choose not to report cyber attacks. So, as they are more widespread than before, and more than we realize. Even worse, some companies are unaware the attacks have occurred until they need to pay to recover encrypted data. Moreover, some companies unknown how to report this situation. Here are some steps to follow to protect your company from data loss and cyber attacks.   1. Backup your data: Regular backups are the best practices to prevent data loss and quickly recover from cyber attacks. That includes that your systems which should be continuously monitored and patched; checking for updates and new patches. Other recommendations include encrypting your data and keeping it only ... read more

  • Buying guide for Backup solutions
    Usually, end users are not aware of how important it is to do regular backups of their data until it's too late. All of us at some point in our lives have lost important information. Nowadays it is crucial to have a backup solution, but how do we choose a backup solution? First, it would help if you understood what you need. Then you can find the solution to solve the problem. Consider the following aspects:       How many computers? Personal or business use? If it for business use, how many workstations or servers do you need to backup? The volume of work you need to do defines the kind of tool you need.   Do you have multiple computers? Are they all connected to the same server? Are they physica ... read more