The Association of Computer Repair Business Owners is proud to announce a new magazine release to the industry.
It has been some time in the making but has finally come to fruition.

The magazine will be published monthly and contain content targeted to those in the Computer Repair Industry.

We wanted to create a publication that would highlight ways to better your business. We have included content on business in general, advertising, marketing and more. Each month will be unique content that hopefully you can take from it and implement into your current business model.

Keeping with the mindset we are in the technology industry we have created it as a “flip-magazine” for your reading. It also will be available in PDF format.

Some of the feedback we have received so far include:

“Really impressed, looks exceedingly professional.  Not only is this a magazine I would pick up and read, but it’s good enough to impress office staff and even clients – leave it on the lobby coffee table when I’m through reading!”

“Wow, it’s really impressive. What I think is, this is a really cool idea and will be of great benefit to owners.”

“Fantastic magazine, love the content”

Each magazine with a brief description is here