acrbowebinararchiveNo matter what the reason for missing the latest webinar on ACRBO, don’t fret; preferred and expert members now have access to the webinar archive to watch recent and past webinar content anytime.



Most popular reasons for missing the webinar:
  1. Got called out to the field – “gotta make the dough”
  2. Never received the email invite – “Kindly add to your spam filter white list :-)”
  3. My dog ate my smartphone – “well that’s gonna hurt later”
  4. What webinars – “dude, check your email, social media, fax, pager, something!”
So here’s the deal

If you are free member, you can always register and participate in the webinars, but you must attend live. One of the major benefits of the $50 or $100 per year memberships (yes I said “per year”) is recorded webinar content. This gives you the ability to watch the archive of webinars at your convenience.

Typically these recording will be posted within 24 to 48 hours of the live event depending on required formatting and editing.

Upcoming webinar

The next webinar is already scheduled and covers one of the most discussed threads on social media we have seen this year, which is our preferred vendor CyberSpa and their FreshStart service. If you are interested in learning more you can register for the upcoming webinar.

ACRBO and CyberSpa Webinar: How to Increase your Revenue with FreshStart on Feb 12, 2015 1:00 PM CST at:

If you have not yet upgraded additional benefits are:

Professional and Expert members receive:

  • Negotiated discounts from industry vendors
  • Member webinar content
  • ACRBO membership certificate
  • Recorded webinar archive access

Expert Members additionally receive

  • E-mail marketing tool
  • Exclusive entrepreneur business trainings

Check out all of the benefits and detailed descriptions at

Access the webinar archive

If you are currently a preferred or expert member you can access the webinar archive at

Frank Gurnee